Thursday, 23 January 2014

Little Red

Having spent a lot of 2013 wishing I lived somewhere a bit more urban and frenetic, looking at the superb street photography of colleagues and peers with envy, I came to the decision at Hogmanay that:

a) Envy was a pointless, tiresome waste of time - I'm never going to move again (probably).

b) I should capitalise on the extraordinary environment I am very lucky to live in.

With this in mind, I began to think how I could use the breathtaking landscapes that surround our wee wooden house in a way that suited my passion for photographing people. And so the idea of the 'Little Red' project was born.  

The idea was to frame the landscape in a way that emphasised its sheer size, wild and remoteness by using a small figure captured in each frame, often gazing out to the land or lochs, or moving through the spaces. The winter in Argyll is a bleak and beautiful season, full of washed out, muted colours and often overcast skies. By dressing my figure in red she or he would be a distinct presence throughout the images - and the size of Little Red would emphasise also a sense of isolation in a vast space.

250 raw images later, which were distilled down to 45 and a final cherry pick of the 10 strongest images - here is Little Red:

If you would like a print of any of these or other images on the blog, please contact me at for details on sizes and prices, and please feel free to post a comment! Feedback is always gratefully received - thanks for reading!!

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