Wednesday, 30 April 2008

*NEW! NEW!! NEW!!!

Fabulous 'Pebble Slippers' for babies and toddlers!
Gorgeous, hand felted and completely unique-these wee 'pods' are hand made by 'Pennynotpolly' from scratch using 100% pure new wool, hand-felted round Glen Fyne river pebbles then stitched and trimmed with contrasting ribbon to tie neatly round baby's ankles. Just divine!!

They are extremely soft, cosy and mould perfectly to your childs feet to ensure these slippers are comfortable for precious growing toes and feet.

Sizes and prices:
Newborn to 6 months- £18.00
6 to 12 months- £20.00
12 to 24 months - £22.00
24 to 36 months - £24.00
Contact for further information or to order a pair of these delicious slippers. A special, unique and great present for a precious little one!

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

So, I'm Crap......

Yes, I was all big talk that I'd update the Blog on a regular basis. Hmm, not since 31st Jan, which is pretty rubbish really. Will try to do better-maybe weekly??.....

So, what has been occuring-trying out some new dye-ing styles, which is working really well but quite time consuming and demands lots of pails of dye, which can be tricky with no proper workspace and trying to ensure none of the small children/animals/husband inadvertently shoves their hands/paws in the buckets I have also added, after many requests, adult tee-shirts to the kids range (see pics, they are rather yummy) and am looking at enhancing the range with some vintage style trimmings on blankets and some of the baby tees. Had a couple of quiet craft fairs, but off to Glasgow (the BIG city) on 26th April to do the Glasgow Craft Mafia gig at Hillhead Library and have a potential couple of days during the Loch Fyne Food Fair on 10th/11th May. So, with business picking up in Spring roll on a (hopefully) busy in Summer.

Watch this space!!

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