Thursday, 18 March 2010

Keep on Running!

Well, as I seem to be doing bugger all sewing at the moment I thought I'd use the blog for more general, day to day stuff - it's the George Mallory approach "Why do I write it? Because it's there!"

I've been Twittering for over a year now and those that follow me know I started running in July last year and am now totally hooked. In a previous life I used to be a Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist so I was very fit and ran regularly. After a disasterous first pregnancy, followed by several more which finally resulted in two healthy, fat babies (fine example of one below) I gave up on the whole 'fitness' thing and settled down to pushing a pram, working in management/admin troubleshooting and moved back home to Scotland.

Two years after the big move north and being the wrong side of 40, I noticed I was spreading and not just around the middle!! After watching my husband complete a 10K road race in Balloch last year and seeing loads of women in all shapes and sizes cross the finish line, I found myself thinking "I could do that" and I bloody have! It's taken less time than I thought but I'm up to a 10K distance (about and hour and 10 mins continuous running) and I'm even toying with a Marathon at some stage -I say 'toying' in the loosest sense!

Running provides me with a way to keep my fat bahookie in check, it allows me to de-stress and let off steam and it gets me out of the house kid-free for a wee while. It also allows me to run through some fantastic scenery - on Monday I listened to the dramatic and ethereal sounds of 'Florence + the Machine' as I ran through towering tunnels of pines whilst out over Loch Eck and the hills beyond - It doesn't get much better than that! Admittedly, it wasn't the best CD to run to (I usually listen to a vast collection of shite Ibiza dance/techno tunes, consistent BPM, rising /falling cadences etc) but it was a great accompaniment to hitting my target time/distance and it was a beautiful day - all sun and shadows and glorious forest.

So, that's a bit more about me that's not about sewing or fabric! Watch out - it'll be about making soup next!!

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