Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Lexicon of Life

Like most families we have always had our own special and silly words for things - nessynog, dressing gown / peeblepobble, a verbal expression akin to blowing a raspberry / 'going to Milton Keynes', an activity that is somewhat pointless and will never come to fruition - are a few examples. So I am very proud to add my own daughters addition to the family lexicon.

'Nessynogs' in action

Effie (5 yrs old) has just lost her first tooth and her mother (me) is explaining the necessity of good brushing to make sure her emerging set of adult teeth (new one can be seen where baby one has dropped out) stay healthy. To press home the point of maintaining good teeth for life I use Effie's granny as an example of what happens when you don't take care of your teeth - ie. the dentist removes a large amount of them in one go.

Gappy Gal!

This is received quietly. After a long pause and much musing, Effie turns to me and asks "So, did the dentist give Grandma her Nancies?" "Her what" I venture, "Her Nancies" says Effs. It takes me a second or two to realise that she means her Grandma's false teeth which are usually known as 'gnashers' (also known as walies (pronounced Wa-lees), good old scottish slang for false teeth, but buggered if I can work out where you get nancies from walies).

And there you have it - false teeth are hereby known in out house as 'nancies'! So make sure you give your teeth a good brush tonight or you too may end up sporting a fine pair of nancies (see below)!!

Grandma and her fine pair of Nancies

Tuesday, 1 March 2011


It's a well known fact to my family that I love gadgets! Don't ask me why, I just do - I'm not the most techno-savvy of people but I do like a nice shiny new gadget!! So, having resisted for some time we finally bought a camcorder - "it's for work" we told ourselves, and have spent the time we've had it filming the cat, the dog and the kids pulling faces and mugging shamelessly.

Face pulling!

Anyhow, I thought it might be fun to get to grips with said camcorder and all it's accompanying technology as well as exploring hither to regions of my beloved macbook and it's applications. The result is posted here - http://bit.ly/eNlxMW - it's not particularly exciting or mind blowing, they are not the cutest kids in the world, and I was particularly grumpy during filming which you can hear on some of the soundtrack (which is a bit wonky in places, like some of the camerawork!) - however, for me, it marks a teeny, tiny technological milestone and I like it! So there!!

P.S. The film was meant to be uploaded on to this blog, however, this could be construed as 'uploading video-FAIL' which confirms my worst fears, that I may, indeed, be a technological numpty! However, I'm still ridiculously pleased with myself!!

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