Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tea in a China Cup

What a civilised thing to do - tea, in a vintage china cup from a proper teapot and with the addition of rather yummy toffee cake, served on a vintage china platter. Deliciousness all round!

I said in an earlier post I was thinking of pursuing the whole 'Vintage Tearoom' idea, providing clients with vintage china, tablecloths/napkins, dressings, centre-pieces etc, to make their own Vintage Tea-parties for Weddings, Christenings, Hen Do's, Kids Parties. And for those who want to forgo the tea drinking aspect, you could have your very own 'Speakeasy' party (we also provide home-made plum and raspberry vodkas)!! So, I've started a bit of a 'feasibility' study to see what the competition is like and what folk want. In addition I've been stock taking my own current hoard of vintage table goodies and frequenting charity shops and flea markets like they're going out of fashion!

The concensus so far from a couple of local gals in the hospitality trade is 'yes, this could have legs'. So, coupled with the idea for a greener alternative to party bags and wedding favours (see previous post!) I might start putting a tentative business plan and website together!! I mean who could resist, proper tea and cakes, proper china and teapots and we'll even do the washing up!! What do you think?

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Hmmm? A new idea, maybe?

How about this for a sweet alternative to run of the mill party or wedding favours - Cotton (and re-useable!) party bags with an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme - upcycled glass jar decorated with vintage fabric and cotton bakers twine and filled with hand-made chocolates, and the simple, hand stamped instruction 'Eat Me'! But don't worry you won't shrink!! Plus a bottle of fizz - what a treat!

I'm thinking about this as a potential sideline - jars could be filled with traditional sweeties/chocs/home-made jam or marmalade/mini soaps, but all trimmed in the prettiest of vintage fabrics and hand-stamped individual vintage style lables.

A green alternative, perhaps (re- and upcycling, reusable bags, organic treats!). And you could theme them as well - Alice works really well!) Comments gratefully received!!

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