Thursday, 23 February 2012


I'm not someone who makes it up to the Big City (aka Glasgow) on a regular basis, but last weekend I was treated to a night in a rather funky hotel - Citizen M - and dinner in one of my favourite restaurants - Rogano - by my lovely Mum and her nancies! There wasn't much time for mooching around the urban sprawl, firing of a few pics here and there but these four encapsulate a very nice time indeed:

Taken from the vantage point of a large, comfy hotel bed, late afternoon sun on the Theatre Royal

Sandstone and concrete - a contrast of styles and eras

Double meaning? Loud lorries or a bar that'll clatter the top of your cab!

The tower at the now derelict Ruchill Hospital looking splendidly creepy in the afternoon gloom
All in all, great nosh, exceptional company and some rapid retail therapy in the form of new school trainers, pants and pyjamas for the kids! A great time was had by all - well, me and my Mum!!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

It's not all bad, really!

Yup, I may be losing my main source of income soon, my son is a raging teenager at nine years old, I am shortly to have the small bone on the top of my left small toe amputated - but hey, I get to live (and work) here, so not all bad as you can see:

Strathlachlan Mist 1

Full Moon over Bute

Tighnabruaich Sunset


Bury Me Here

Moo Coos with a View

Strathlachlan Mist 2
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