Monday, 7 February 2011


Astonished to see that I had not blogged since April 2010! "Not good enough" says I. So what has happened since then - well I'm working part time which is one reason for the drop in blog posts; surprising how commuting to work three times a week in appalling weather (see below)

making sure there is clean uniforms to be had, food to go on the table, new kitten to be socialised, swimming lessons, homework (kids not me) and so on and so forth impinges on your time. Anyhow, the job is good - Project Admin for a rather cool Community Forest project (check it out - ), the sewing is kind of on hold, the China Hire is almost there and there are other moves afoot to expand the work that husband and I can do collaboratively! Watch this space!! And while your waiting, a selection of pictures for your delectation -

Snow berries!

This is Bickle - asleep for once, he's usually running around as if he's possessed

The view on the way to work - better than the average commuter view!

Dunan's Castle - just like Narnia! The snow was just awful but did produce some fabulous views!!

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